How to make a vinyl record bowl

How to Make Bowls out of Vinyl Records. You can easily turn any old, unwanted vinyl records into unique bowls! These crafty creations can be used for any.
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Posted October 15, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Let us know if you have any luck with the bowl on bowl action!

  • Here’s how to make a vinyl record bowl:.
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  • DIY Vinyl Record Bowls.

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  6. Sign In Sign Up. You can easily turn any old, unwanted vinyl into a unique bowl! Get some cheap and useless vinyl records. Don't use anything that doesn't belong to you; instead, check out the local second hand store for cheap records.

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    Preheat your oven to around degrees Fahrenheit Celsius. Place your record on the center of an upside down pot or metal bowl. Put this onto a baking sheet. Put this into the oven.

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    Keep a close watch because each vinyl starts to "flop" at a different time. It usually takes minutes. Take the whole thing out of the oven wearing oven mitts, of course once you notice some real "flopping" going on. Put your record into another bowl and shape it around that, or you can hand mold it. Sometimes, you might like the way it looks right as you take it out of the oven; if so, skip the molding.

    Let it cool for minutes. Another method is to put the bowl right side up, and allow the record to melt down into the interior of the bowl. Try both methods and see which results you like best, or try some of the techniques discussed on the next page. You can control the shape of the bowls more precisely by molding the records while they are still pliable. It will probably be helpful to increase the oven temperature to soften the records.

    Making a Vinyl Record Bowl

    You may also find it useful to push or pull on the records while they are still in the oven. But be careful; it is, of course, hot in there.

    The can here is being used for weight to help push the record farther into the bowl it is on. This record was already melted around the outside of a bowl, and now the cans are being used to push the bottom down inside of another bowl. Placing coins on the record helps control exactly where the vinyl folds.

    More coins will create more folds. This doesn't always work perfectly, but sometimes does, so be patient. After the bowl comes out of the oven there is a little grace period where you can continue molding it to get the exact shape you want. But again, be careful.

    Vinyl Record Bowl · How To Melt A Record Bowl · How To by Beverley B.

    Everything you need to make these bowls can be found around the house, except for maybe the records themselves. Here are a few shots of the finished product. Good luck, and feel free to email any thoughts or ideas. So far these record bowl are great for things like fruit that are pretty big, but they aren't very good for snacks like pretzels because of the hole in the center.

    In order to plug these holes you'll need a propane blow torch.